After a fairly long period of being “in press”, my dissertation has been published — and it’s available both as a printed book and as a (free) PDF under a Creative Commons license, thanks to Göttingen University Press! Here’s all the relevant information for getting both the digital and print version.

Puschmann, C. (2010). The corporate blog as an emerging genre of computer-mediated communication: features, constraints, discourse situation. (S. Hagenhoff, D. Hogrefe, E. Mittler, M. Schumann, G. Spindler, & V. Wittke, Hrsg.) Göttinger Schriften zur Internetforschung (Bd. 7). Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Göttingen.

Let me know if you would like to review it and I will gladly send you a copy.

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I held this presentation earlier today at the Milestone Meeting of the Forschungsverbund Interactive Science. It briefly discusses Google Wave (I did a little demo in the middle, showing the most elemental features of Wave) and makes some general points about scholarly communication in digital environments.

Thanks to everyone who attended for their questions and comments!

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I’m a little behind with posting my slides for recent presentations, but here is the material I discussed in my talk at Language in the (New) Media last week (once again on blogs).

Thank you to Crispin Thurlow and the organizers for inviting me and kudos for setting up a wonderful conference!

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